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Business content

Various service contents according to business contents

Various service contents according to business contents

It is an all-in-one web consulting service that "designs a web strategy that suits you". It is a package plan of various web countermeasures based on creative strategies that can only be realized by our company, which has been familiar with the web marketing industry for many years. Specifically, it is a plan that can provide services such as web advertising, SEO measures, website / LP production, video production, etc. By taking comprehensive measures based on the marketing strategy, it will be a service that can attract users at each stage of purchase without omission or bias.

Business details


Web consulting results

Medical (advertising + SEO)

  • Number of appointments

    Number of appointments graph
  • Number of organic search inflows

    Number of organic search inflows graph

Short-term strategic plan: 4 months
Web advertising (Google Ads)

4 months from first month
Number of correction consultations 10 → 20200% up
Accepted contracts 4 cases → 9 cases225% up

Mid/Long Term Strategic Plan : 7 months
Web advertising + SEO measures

7 months from first month
Natural search traffic 1,008 times → 3,740 times371% up
Number of correction consultations 10 → 23230% up
Accepted contracts 4 cases → 8 cases200% up

Reuse (advertisement + SEO + web production)

  • number of users

    number of users graph
  • Number of organic CVs

    Number of organic CVs graph

Initial/mid-term strategic plan: 5 months from publication
Web Ads (Yahoo!/Google Ads) + SEO (from 2nd month) + MEO + Form Creation

5 months from first month
Number of users 1,455 → 3,399233% up
Number of CVs 12 → 36300% up

Medium/Long Term Strategic Plan : 6 to 8 months
SEO + site renovation

2nd to 7th month
Organic CV 2 → 18900% up
Organic CVR 0.31% → 0.61%196% up

Medical (advertising + web production)

  • CPA

    CPA graph
  • CPC

    CPC graph

Short-term strategic plan: 3 months from publication
Emphasis on number of acquisitions
Web Advertisement (Yahoo! Listing Advertisement)

3 months from first month
CPA About 12,500 yen → About 7,400 yen → About 9,900 yen
* The second month is the busy season and the acquisition efficiency is good

Mid-term and long-term strategic plans: Same period as the second year of posting
Emphasis on cost effectiveness
Web Advertisement (Yahoo! Listing Advertisement) + LP Modification

Three months at the same time as the short-term strategy period (one year later)
CPA about 11,600 yen → about 4,500 yen → about 7,000 yen
→ Acquired at a lower CPA than the same period in the past for the entire period
3-month average CPAAbout 23% reduction

MEO achievements


  • Search ranking

    Search ranking graph
  • impressions

    impressions graph

MEO measures (Google) 3 months comparison

3 months from first month
Search ranking 31st → 1st3,100% increase
Display times 517 times → 1,197 times231% up

Increase in free consultation inquiries

Users looking for legal advice

strategic design
Since the name recognition is low compared to other powerful offices, increase the number of impressions and improve recognition.

It is assumed that by increasing the ranking of keywords with relatively low competition, it will be easier to consider using the service.

Focus on keywords that are easy to target for high-ranking display, and aim to increase the number of times My Business is displayed.

real estate

  • average rank

    average rank graph
  • activity

    activity graph

MEO measures (Google) 1 month comparison

1 month from the first month
Average rank 16th → 11th160% increase
Activity 5,659 times → 7,398 times130% up

Increase in the number of inquiries and higher rank

Users thinking about buying and selling real estate

strategic design
MEO secures the number of inflows to the site because there are many competitors and it is a community-based industry

Assuming that there are many users looking for stores in the handling area

Replenishment of information in My Business / Support for posting

Company Profile


"Creating a company that everyone involved can be proud of"

Under this slogan, we, XSCORE, will stay close
to our customers and provide valuable services for them.


As a company involved in society, we

Based on the corporate philosophy of
Our goal is to maximize your corporate value.

In carrying out our mission and providing our services, we promise the following:

We, XSCORE, promise to maintain and provide our services and the mindset of our employees as values ​​that our customers can be proud of.
XSCORE's belief is to create a company that is valuable to both customers and employees.